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About the Collection

Hirsch Fine Art was started in 1994 by Jay Rosenbaum when he moved to Taos, New Mexico and opened a gallery. Prior to that time, Mr. Rosenbaum, a realtor and attorney in Washington, D.C., had collected art for decades. Concentrating on Washington artists and later collecting works on paper by first and second generation Taos and Santa Fe artists, the idea for a gallery was the inevitable progression from collector to dealer.

Over the years, which have included opening a gallery in Miami, Fl. and now as a private dealer in Santa Fe, Mr. Rosenbaum has expanded his collection to encompass works by American Modernists and Latin American Masters. The major portion of the collection continues to be works on paper comprising, drawings, watercolors, signed and numbered graphics, and other paper media. Works are mainly by deceased artists who are referenced in books and whose art is found in museums and at auctions both in the U.S. and internationally. The collection also includes the work of several contemporary artists who Mr. Rosenbaum believes continue the tradition of excellence found in the art of those whose reputations have long been established.

Mr. Rosenbaum's philosophy behind this ever-changing collection is that it is possible to own and enjoy museum quality work without being "rich." By purchasing works on paper by these artists, who all are represented in museums, many people can build an impressive collection of first-rate work.